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September 25, 2019
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October 26, 2019

Restore Your Soul


Let’s take a moment to examine the word restoration. The dictionary defines it as returning something to its original state. Think back to a time in your life when you’ve been driving down the road and you saw an old car that was restored. When most people see cars like that, they are in total awe, appreciating the glittering paint jobs and immaculate interiors. But those people never saw the car before it was restored, only when its reached its final, beautiful, form.

Now, imagine you’re going down the road and you see an old jalopy, covered in weeds and rust, with broken windows. At one time it was a beautiful car, but because of neglect, it sits in a field just rotting away. Someone with an eye will drive by a field like that and will stop and think, “I can restore that. I can take it to the original state and make it even better.”

Most of the time, the people who bring the cars to the shows will have purchased the vehicle in rough shape. They then bring it into their shop and dismantle it before making it run again. Those people will spend hours sanding and tearing things apart, repainting and rebuilding, to bring the car back to a form that looks just like the original, but which is likely in even better condition.

To me, it’s amazing to see how much time, energy, and focus it takes to do something like that; to have the attention span to work on something so detailed for months or even years.

Think about where you’re at now at this point in life. What is your original state?

Ask yourself the question; “Who am I? Who is this person I look at in the mirror, who is looking back at me?”

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