Windermere Central Oregon Real Estate

Broker - Wendy Duncan
Broker - Wendy Duncan

Dean kept saying this stuff would “change my life.” And it has! I’m happier, and, for the first time in 41 years, I have a direction.

The Hultquist Firm

Mat Hultquist
Mat Hultquist | Founder

When Dean began coaching me my business was at a standstill. It seemed like our growth had stalled and I was having trouble knowing what to do to move forward. Coaching has helped me realize what I need to not only let go of in my thinking, but also what I need to start doing to accelerate our growth.

The Turning Point of SC

Dr Frederic McCain
Dr. Frederic McCain | Executive Director

After a few months of coaching with Dean, I was excited to invite the key team members at Turning Point to coach with him as well. Dean has been helping me break through my blocked thinking with leadership positions at our company and we have been able to find the right people and help those people grow in the right direction to be more for our organization than we ever thought possible. This has released so much stress and frustration from me and now, the organization is able to provide a much higher level of service to many more people. Dean is able to really connect in a useful way, and no matter what I come in thinking, he is always ready with something new and practical to apply to myself, either personally or professionally or both!

HD Auston Moving Systems

Hardy Auston
Hardy Auston | Owner/Operator

Working with Dean has helped me to have a commitment to action and development of a plan for change. He has the ability to listen, actually hear what is being said and suggest sound action items for implementation.

VR Business Brokers

Bruce M Johnson
Bruce M. Johnson | Owner/Managing Director

I’ve observed Dean in action and have watched him pull the best out of those he’s working with!Invest in yourself by expanding your potential with Dean’s encouragement and coaching. It’s a winning proposition!

NFM Lending

William Pender
William Pender | Branch Manager

I have been working with Dean Storer for almost a year now – meeting with him for an hour every two weeks. Dean has helped me re-establish a sense of control in both my business and personal life. We spend so much time reacting to everything going on around us that sometime we lose focus. With Dean’s help I feel like I have made great strides in regaining a sense of control and focus in all areas of my life and managing the chaos that occurs on a day to day basis. I look forward to every one of our meetings.

Windermere Central Oregon Real Estate

Evelyn Neasham - Realtor - The Bea Leach Team
Evelyn Neasham - Realtor - The Bea Leach Team

I cannot wait to see where I will be in a year.  I would encourage anyone who wants more out of life to study with Dean, more personally and professionally.  


Bonna Wallace
Bonna Wallace | Wellness Consultant

Dean helps me to see life from different angles instead of the “stuck” one way version I have. I feel like I have choices now, and can see things a little clearer. Dean has a real gift for seeing what you don’t!

Vemma Nutrition

Lori Lampe - Consultant
Lori Lampe - Consultant

The insight that Dean offers on the coaching calls helps me to perceive the information in ways I may not have on my own. The goals I’ve set for myself are even more clear in my mind now; the fears I’ve had about reaching these goals are vanishing, and my confidence is growing stronger. More and more things are beginning to happen in my life that are leading me towards the greater good that I desire.  I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to learn from Dean, and look forward to many years of learning from him. My life will never be the same because I’ve met him!

Healing Place Chiropractic

Rochelle J Delain
Rochelle J. Delain | Doctor of Chiropractic and Wellness Coach

The Speaking Mastery coaching course by Dean helped me to extract and refine what was already inside of me, helped build my confidence on “stage”, and give me some new skills to really connect with my listeners. It has been said that more people fear public speaking than death. Having taken Dean’s course, I now see how tragic this is as locked within so many of us are hidden gems that have the power to change the world if ever unleashed.

Paul Johnson Interiors

Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson | Interior Design

I was in the early stages of forming a business in what was a new town for me and my family and I wanted to learn what I might be missing as I had no formal business training and wasn’t sure how to best market and build my business.

I had the idea that all was well on the home front. My wife and I had been married 27 years and I thought that when I told her I loved her when we got married that that was good enough, and had taken her way too much for granted. What I didn’t realize was how close I came to loosing her. Through Dean and his ability to drill down into key pressure points our relationship is now better than it was the day we married. And what, you say, does that have to do with business coaching? Everything!

Now that the understanding of my role in my marriage is set aright, I am confident that Dean will be able to guide my other business pursuits.

I’ve long told prospective clients that they don’t know what they don’t know about the remodeling process, and it is there that lies the concerns. If you’re in business for yourself, or are working for a company where you want to really excel and stand out, you would be wise to consider retaining Dean, and allow him to help you think outside your thoughts.

Carolina School of Massage and Wellness Center

Kim Harrell
Kim Harrell CEO/LMT

Even though I have only had 3 coaching sessions with Dean, I feel like a cloud has been lifted.  It had seemed like I became somewhat complacent.  I had a vision of taking my business to a new level but felt stuck in the day to day routine.  He has helped me regain my focus and to think more clearly.  As a result my business has been going to another level and I am seeing the changes already.

Christian Learning Centers of Greenville County

Janice Butler
Janice Butler Director

Through Dean Storer’s coaching, we have learned speaking techniques for connecting with people in ways to move them to action. Therefore, we are more confident and effective when speaking in front of groups.  We have worked in a collaborative effort with Dean which afforded us a chance to speak in front of audiences who had not heard of our organization or our cause.  Therefore, we have increased awareness about organization and our cause. We are able to have young people associated with our organization to participate in Dean’s leadership and speaking development exercises.  Therefore, we are in a position to have more key people in our agency equipped to make a substantial difference in the outcome of our work.

It’s Yoga! Studio

Kristi Ried-Barton
Kristi Ried-Barton Director

It’s Yoga! Studio hired Dean to assist us in enlarging our vision, dreams and direction.  By implementing the information gained from our work with Dean we have seen added value, new growth and momentum. His suggestions and reading material have enabled us to raise our clientele to their next level of health and fitness.  We now have a crystal clear vision of the future for It’s Yoga! Studio, creating a sense of freedom and positive direction.

Independent Professional Training

Margie McCoin - Owner
Margie McCoin - Owner

Having a personal coach is one of the best moves I have made for myself. It is the best investment to one’s self for one’s self. Thank You Dean for your understanding, guidance and your talent to pass on your teachings for others to learn their Dreams and achieve their Goals. I am so grateful you took the time to ask the question: Are you reaching your Dreams? 


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